Jyrki Pellinen: Kuuskajaskari

Jyrki Pellinen: Kuuskajaskari

Kuuskajaskari, from 1964, published here as a bilingual edition – in Finnish and in English of Leevi Lehto – is a seminal work of the Second Generation Finnish Modernism, by the virtuoso poet Jyrki Pellinen – a “description of life” that “is not tender”, an account of the “agony of coming into the world”, of a becoming-a-poet-as-a-thing in a process of endless dismemberment, struggling “among creatures of my own size, castle lords, furuncle-faces, robberly inclined, old women, and other such objects of nature”.

18,40 €

152 × 229 mm, 145 sivua, ISBN 978-952-215-010-3, ulkoasu Lauri Wuolio, kannen kuva: Jyrki Pellinen: “Kuuskajaskari” (1990). Paperikantinen.


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