Veijo Baltzar:Towards Experiential Philosophy

Veijo Baltzar:Towards Experiential Philosophy

Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar, originally a wandering Gypsy, is an internationally known writer and a versatile cultural figure. He has actively developed Intercultural Experiential Education since 1974. This is a cultural and pedagogical innovation, a concept and philosophy, which is based on Baltzar’s own cultural background, experiences, activities, and pedagogical thinking. Baltzar seeks to offer European society tools for constructing functioning pluralism and for halting the increasing marginalization of young people.

Towards Experiential Philosophy is a translation into English by Jűri Kokkonen of Veijo Balzar’s Kokonaisvaltainen filosofia (ntamo 2012).

“(…) it may revolutionize the basis of our notions of culture.” Juha Sihvola, Professor of Philosophy

“This is a unique project both nationally and internationally and it deserves broad attention and support.” Sami Pihlström, Professor of Philosophy

The translation of this work was supported by a grant from FILI – Finnish Literary Exchange.

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