Juri Nummelin: Bodice Ripper Apart

Juri Nummelin: Bodice Ripper Apart

“This is a book that is made entirely of found texts. All the texts have been taken out of the internet, either from spam e-mail, spam blog comments or discussion groups’ websites. I’m hoping that with this archival gesture I’m able to reserve at least some of that culture that we were perceiving in the early years of the 21st century. Some say we have entered a post-human era, and it’s fitting we have a burgeoning brand of literature – the literature of the robot!” -– Juri Nummelin

14,90 €

ntamo 2009,148,20×209,90 mm, 121 p., paperback. ISBN 978-952-215-075-2. Graphic Design Make Copies, Cover Art from “Aus der Wortspiel der Information”, a visual longpoem by Leevi Lehto (2006). Recommended retail price 19,00 euros; ntamo.net price 14,90 euros.


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