Maria Damon & mIEKAL aND: eros/ion

Maria Damon & mIEKAL aND: eros/ion

“Eros/ion is a self-eroding, unstable cenotaph – an event or performance rather than an object or monument – as love disappears and reappears, oscillating between shimmers of presence and absence, and transforming over the course of that oscillation. Love lost by natural processes of decay, erosion, and circumstance, as well as by unnatural processes of violence and betrayal, in the past and present, in the imagination and in the everyday world of lived relationship, is re-activated as aesthetic-ecstatic exorcism. Immersion in a bed of intertexts and elemental cognates allows the emergence and working-through of delicate feelings long unexpressed. Each collaborator tells his or her story sparked by the other’s phrases, creating an interweave of narrative and overlap of emotions, distinct but generatively eco-symbiotic.” – The Authors

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ntamo 2007,4.25” × 6.88”, 97 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-952-215-024-0, Photography by CamillE Bacos.


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