Juhani Ihanus: On the Road to Narva...

Juhani Ihanus: On the Road to Narva...

“Start a tour of poems for exploring the mindscapes of the northern Kabbalah. Neither truths nor dooms act here as guiding stars, but the road to wisdom is marked by itchy silence and obscure insight. While riding the chariot, the Fair Kabbalist is at full lick emptying all the cups of light and sliding faked cards from the sleeves.”

On the Road to Narva the Kabbalist is the first book of poems in English by the Finnish poet and literary critic, Juhani Ihanus. The book is loosely based on Ihanus' collaborations, in the Finnish language, with the Finnish poet, Jyrki Pellinen.

19,90 €

ntamo, Helsinki 2013. 140 × 200 mm, 92 pp., paperback. ISBN 978-952-215-382-1. Artwork by Make Copies, cover image by Jyrki Pellinen. Recommended price 25,00 euros, ntamo.net price 19,90 euros.


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